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July 2014



Weekly Favorites 02

Wednesday 23 July 2014

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chambray pocket tee, straw hat, straw tote, vintage denim shorts, bangle, surfboard

My second installment of weekly favorites brings you more neutral curiosities… what else is new? This week I’m dreaming of a sunshine filled vacation and a few days in the sand + waves. There’s something about the sea that’s totally calming and with a BIG editorial shoot coming up (and eating away at my nerves/stress levels) I could use a little tranquility.

Not only is this board perfect for catching waves, I’ve been dying to decorate our space with one for the longest time! Dress me in double denim, pile on the straw accessories and send me on my way to Malibu… bye Huntsville!

p.s. I’m over at One Fine Day today sharing my “want, need & greed” list.

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July 2014



Pros & Cons of Working For Yourself

Tuesday 22 July 2014

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Freelance is still the wild west of the working world! While it can be totally freeing to be your own boss, it’s also a little scary to take all of the burden of the office onto your shoulders. Some days (like today) it’s hard to get motivated, difficult to prioritize and unappealing to step out of your pajamas but the good far outweighs the bad…


+ motivation

When you’re constantly creating it can be hard to keep the momentum going. Sometimes things get a little overwhelming and it can become difficult to think of fresh ideas and new content. Luckily, seasons of motivation come and go. I find the best way to reignite the spark is to step away, disconnect and revisit.

+ taking on too much

A lot of the time it seems like there should be few more hours in the day, doesn’t it? I often find myself writing long to-dos but after coffee, playtime and getting ready for the day, it’s 11 and I’m making no progress. Managing your time is an ongoing battle!

+ isolation

Aside from the awesomeness that is rolling out of bed, throwing your hair up in a messy bun and going to town on your laptop in bed, it can be rough not to work in an office setting. It’s nice to bounce ideas off of someone else and you’d be amazed at what getting dressed up does for your productivity!

+ taxes

Just. Taxes.


+ flexibility

When you’re working for yourself you’re free to prioritize as you see fit. If I need to run an errand or make it to an appointment during the day, I’m totally free to do that. Since I’m a momma first, being able to be home (and engaging) with Lorelai is one of the biggest reasons I love working for myself.

+ mobility

I love that I’m not confined to a cubicle. Most days I work from the couch (even though I have a perfectly good desk) but I like that I can pick up and pop into a local cafe or get things done while we’re on vacation.

+ the sky’s the limit

As a creative, it’s awesome for me to be able to explore different ideas. Being my own boss makes it possible to work on things I’m truly passionate about… hooray!

I want to know, are you your own boss? Do you work a 9-5 in an office? What are the ups and downs?



July 2014



Do It Yourself: Holi Powder

Monday 21 July 2014

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By now I’m sure you’re getting a little sick of this pretty pink powder but it was a funnest Summer activity and makes for some really beautiful photos. I thought I’d share an easy DIY!

I’ve always wanted to visit India, especially during the Holi festival in the Spring. There’s something magical about the entire country turning into a sea of vibrant color. Since I’m so inspired by a wonderful wash of pigment I was pretty thrilled to try my hand at my own little batch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1lb cornstarch (for each batch of powder)
food coloring
large bowl
cookie sheet
oven (preheated to 200 degrees)
strainer or sifter

Make it:

1. Pour a small amount of cornstarch into a bowl
2. Stir in 1 cup of water and the desired amount of food coloring (I used gel but liquid drops will work also).
3. Slowly mix in the remaining cornstarch. The more your pour, the harder the mixture will be to stir. Use your hands once the mixture becomes too difficult to manipulate with a spoon. Unless you want dyed hands (see above), I suggest gloves!
4. Using a sifter or strainer, sift the wet mixture onto a cookie sheet. The smaller the holes, the better!
5. Bake the wet cornstarch at 200 degrees for 1 hour. Be sure to check the mixture and stir every 20 minutes to avoid clumping.
6. Remove from oven, cool and sift the dry powder again. Store in a zipper storage bag.

p.s. This powder is perfect for photo shoots (gender reveal anyone?!), playtime and color runs! It’s completely nontoxic and edible (just in case a little powder makes its way into your mouth).



July 2014



Designer Spotlight: Jess Hannah

Friday 18 July 2014

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Minimal jewelry is kind of my jam! While I do love a statement necklace every once in a while, more often than not I can be found piling on the dainty gold bands and leaving the rest to collect dust in my jewelry box. I want the things that I adorn myself with to feel like a a personal extension and simple gold accessories just “feel” like me. Jess Hannah creates just that, timeless gold jewels that are meant to make you feel connected to them and I love that her pieces are designed with the notion that you’re never going to take them off.

The jeweler, graphic designer, blogger and maker creates accessories with materials made only in the U.S and highlights women run businesses. She also chooses items crafted using recycled metals and conflict free stones. Win, win, win, win!

This blurb comes from her website, “Jess Hannah currently lives on the Central Coast of California with her tabby cat, Olive.  When she isn’t busy travelling, making jewelry, or asking her boyfriend to take pictures of her for her fashion blog, she is probably binge watching some show on netflix” and I basically want to be best friends.


clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4
images via  J.Hannah



July 2014



Best Fit Ever

Thursday 17 July 2014

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photos by Sleepy Fox Photography
hair by Twiggy Romei

Denim is my all-time favrote wardrobe staple! I love how easy it is to style and I can always count on a good fitting pair of jeans to get me through those times when I just don’t know what to wear. A great fit and wash can easily take your outfit from day to night without having to change much of your look (all I do is swap out flats for heels and add a few accessories for evening) and I’m all for easy wardrobe solutions!

It’s been years since I shopped Abercrombie & Fitch but recently I’ve been in serious need of some jeans the best fit ever. I remember wearing a pair of A&F denim in high school and am so pleasantly surprised that they look just as good today as they did back then (trust me, high school butt and adult butt are two very different backsides but the pocket placement on these pairs is perfect for lifting and shaping!).

With a huge selection of washes (from washed out to rich and dark) and fits (I love the boyfriend and high-rise super skinny styles), I was shocked to find that you can get any jeans in store for $35. High qualiity denim for $35? I’ll take a few!

 photo 8874fbcb-541c-40d1-9b0d-62cd1ace014a_zps47212e2f.jpg

p.s. Loving this magical colored powder? Ginny and I had so much fun dreaming up this shoot and I’m so glad I got to spend all day playing with color!

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 photo cf20bf87-4c23-4bf1-b8b8-0741a72e2290_zps8d5b9a0b.jpg

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